Life Sciences Suppliers

Website Arrays, cGH, NGS, pcr/qPCR and cloning reagents, instruments and software
Website Full genome and transcriptome data from a single cell.
Website Epigenetics & Chromatin Biology
Website Oligonucleotides, qPCr enzymes and cGMP Taq polymerases
Website PCR/qPCR plasticware and seals
Website Automatic extraction system for rapid isolation of DNA or RNA from a variety samples
Website Label-free cell separation - no beads, dyes or antibodies
Website Single cell DNA target enrichment
Website High quality magnetic separation products
Website Hi-C Kits and Analysis
Website Discover biology at single cell resolution at scale
Website Highly multiplexed, patient-like reference materials for NGS assays
Website Mass cytometry, tissue imaging & genomics solutions
Website Novel tools including lentiviral technology, microRNA & genome engineering
Website The best solution for nucleic acid extraction
Website High multiplexing, high resolution in situ platform to combine single-cell & spatial genomic analysis
Website Simple, rapid, ultrapure nucleic acid purification and methylation kits

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