Agilent community designs for NGS are targeted panels developed by, or in collaboration with, experts in various research areas. Many of these designs have the potential to be used more widely, and Agilent are now making them available to you as made-to-order products, manufactured to high quality.

You can download the design files for all the panels below by registering on Agilent’s custom design portal - SureDesign


NGS oncology research panels designed by clinical cancer researchers

HRR17 Panel

HMH Myeloid Cancer Panel

Curie CGP Panel

ONCOgenes CAPture Haemoclonality Panel

Oncology Research NGS Panels

Infectious Disease

NGS panels targeting pathogens for infectious disease research

Infectious Disease Pathogen NGS Panels/a>

Monkeypox Panel

Infectious Disease Research

Model Organism Exome

Comprehensive and cost-effective genetic research in model organisms

Model Organism Exome Sequencing


Targeted NGS panels for epigenetics research

Epigenetic Research Panels


NGS Targeted DNA Sequencing Panels for Plant Genotyping

Medicinal Genomics StrainSEEK

Cell Profiling

NGS panels for cellular profiling and biomarker discovery

CiberMed Heme and Heme+HiRes (Control) Panels

Inherited Genetics

Comprehensive and cost-effective targeted NGS for human genetics

Carrier Screen Pane

Clinical Focused Exome

Heidelberg CardioGenetics Panel