Research Suppliers

PCR/qPCR plasticware and seals

Arrays, cGH, NGS, pcr/qPCR and cloning reagents, instruments and software

qPCR data analysis software

Oligonucleotides, qPCr enzymes and cGMP Taq polymerases

Antimicrobials, antibiotics, vectors, ready-to-go genes and Toll-like receptor tools

RNA/DNA amplification of limited, precious or degraded samples for qPCR, microarray or NGS

qPCR assay, reagents, reference gene kits and HRM genotyping

Enzymes and reagents for PCR/qPCR

Novel tools including lentiviral technology, microRNA & stem cells

Reagents for CRISPR Cas9 gene editing, shRNA constructs and cDNA and ORF clones

Nanoliter spectrophotometer for UV-VIS quantitation of DNA/RNA/protein samples

Simple, rapid, ultrapure nucleic acid purification and methylation kits



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