Exclusive savings on Agilent's Surecycler PCR instrument!

Exclusive savings on Agilent's Surecycler PCR instrument! For a limited time, Agilent is offering a 50% discount on our Agilent PCR instrument.The SureCycler 8800 Thermal Cycler provides users with market leading features and functionalities. Email: ...

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Inhibitor-free, PCR-quality DNA from bacteria, fungi, algae and protozoa in fecal and soil samples

Zymo's Quick-DNA™ Fecal/Soil Microbe 96 Magbead Kits The Quick-DNA™ Fecal/Soil Microbe 96 Magbead Kit is designed for the simple and rapid isolation of inhibitor-free, PCR-quality DNA from a variety of fecal (including humans, birds, rats, mice, cattle, etc.) and soil (including clay, s...

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System Bioscience's TransDux Max delivers significant improvements in virus delivery into target cells

System Biosciences TransDux MAX Building on SBI’s popular TransDux™ virus transduction reagent (Cat# LV850A-1), TransDux MAX (Cat# LV860A-1) further increases transduction efficiencies by 4-fold, for better, more reliable lentiviral gene expression across a wide range of cell types and ...

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SAVE on refurbished 2100 Bioanalyzer!

SAVE on refurbished 2100 Bioanalyzer! Fast and reliable separation, sizing and quantification of DNA, RNA and proteins by miniaturized on-chip electrophoresis surpassing labor intensive slab gels by speed, reproducibility and independece from user influences. Industry standard for DNA quality contr...

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FREE ZYMO Rattler Plating Beads!

PLASMID MINI PREP PROMOTION Plasmid DNA purification in less than 10 minutes. Recover up to 25µg DNA is as low as 30µL elution volume. Features a pellet-free modified alkaline lysis method that bypasses bacterial culture centrifugation and resuspension steps common to classical plasmid ...

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