System Biosciences recently launch their next generation of ExoGlow™ EV Labeling Kits for specific labeling of internal protein, mRNA and membranes of extracellular vesicles (EVs).

ExoGlow table


  • Specificity - Developed to generate a robust signal specific for EV components, leading to very low levels of background
    • ExoGlow-Protein covalently binds to internal EV proteins and is available in red, blue, and green dyes
    • ExoGlow-RNA labels EV mRNAs
    • ExoGlow-Membrane labels EV membranes, and is specific for intact membranes
  • Compatibility - Delivers robust performance on EVs isolated using all methods tested - including ExoQuick™, ultracentrifugation and column-based workflows
  • Easy to use - Labeling protocol is quick and straightforward
  • Powerful - Can be used with as little as 1µg of EVs (ExoGlow-Membrane), 5 µg of EVs (ExoGlow-RNA) and 200µg of EVs (ExoGlow-Protein)

Important Note: The new ExoGlow™ EV Labeling Kits will replace the legacy ExoGlow-Red (Cat #EXOR100A-1), ExoGlow-Green (EXOG200A-1) and Combo kits (Cat #EXOC300A-1). If you are currently using these reagents and need them for ongoing experiments, please contact Technical Services team.